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Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP regularly represents unsecured and secured creditors in complex bankruptcy proceedings.  Our attorneys, which include the former United States Trustee for five judicial districts and former law clerks for bankruptcy judges, have a comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy law and years of courtroom experience.  We provide a business-oriented, practical approach to our creditor representations.

On behalf of our creditor clients, we have questioned debtors at section 341(a) meetings of creditors, filed proofs of claim and administrative expense claims to protect our clients’ rights, moved for relief from the automatic stay to permit our clients to take desired actions notwithstanding the bankruptcy case, moved to convert or dismiss the debtor’s chapter 11 case, objected to motions filed by debtors, trustees, and others where they seek relief that is adverse to the interests of our clients, including approval of unfavorable chapter 11 plans of reorganization and liquidation and unfavorable asset sales, conducted Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 2004 examinations of debtors and other parties in order to obtain information that helps shape our litigation strategy, and filed adversary proceedings to pursue our clients’ interests.  We help our clients enforce their rights and pursue their remedies in bankruptcy matters.