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An IRS tax audit may result in the government collecting the taxes owed, some penalties, and interest.  However, if the audit causes the IRS to suspect that an individual committed tax fraud or tax evasion, that individual’s case could be referred to the IRS Criminal Investigation division for criminal tax prosecution.  Tax crimes include preparing and filing a false tax return, willfully failing to file a tax return, evading the payment of taxes, overstating the amount of tax deductions, and stacking of corporate and individual tax liabilities. 

With our reputation and knowledge of complex tax laws, we are often able to successfully negotiate with government decision-makers and convince them to decline prosecution.  However, to the extent that the government chooses to indict, Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP attorneys can, as it has in the past, aggressively litigate tax evasion and tax fraud cases based on our multiple years of courtroom experience and insight into prosecutorial processes.