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Securities fraud occurs when laws meant to protect investors and securities traders, such as the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, are violated.  Types of securities fraud include insider trading, accounting fraud, and presenting misleading or false information about a company or its securities to an investor or the public.  Participants in a securities fraud case could include stockbrokers, analysts, brokerage firms, corporations, financial institutions, and private investors.  Securities fraud is a serious crime and can lead to the imposition of civil and criminal penalties. 

Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws that apply to the securities industries, and have provided experienced counsel to plaintiffs and defendants involved in arbitrations, mediations, and state and federal court proceedings.  We deliver personalized attention to each of our clients involved in securities fraud matters, making sure that they understand their legal rights, protections, and defenses.