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BKLW Secures Misdemeanor Deal for Medical Professional Charged with Ten Felonies

Tue 12th Oct 2021, Blog, Case Successes, criminal defense, insurance fraud, plea deal, probation

Riverside County Hall of Justice

Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP scored a major victory by negotiating a misdemeanor plea deal, on the eve of trial, for a licensed medical professional who was charged with ten felonies alleging insurance fraud. The criminal case arose from a years-long investigation spearheaded by several agencies in Riverside County, exposing the client to hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution, the revocation of his professional license, and a substantial prison sentence.

Momentum shifted in the case when the judge threw out three of the original ten felony charges following the preliminary hearing on statute of limitations grounds. Then, just days before jury selection was set to begin, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the remaining seven fraud counts in exchange for a plea to two unrelated misdemeanors and an agreed-upon sentence of summary probation with no prison time.

This outstanding result was the result of relentless, skilled advocacy by BKLW attorneys Jim Riddet, John Littrell, Anne Uyeda, and Carlos Nevarez. As the judge accepted the plea deal, he praised BKLW and commented that, based on his years of experience as a prosecutor, it was the best deal he had ever seen.

BKLW has built a reputation as a trial boutique with the talent and track record of a national powerhouse. BKLW regularly takes on and wins high-stakes cases in state and federal court.

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