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Bienert | Katzman Selected as Counsel for the Official Retiree Committee in the City of San Bernardino Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Matter

Thu 27th Mar 2014, Blog, Case Successes

The Committee serves as a representative and fiduciary to the interests of the approximately 2,000 retired employees (the “Retirees”) in the City’s bankruptcy. Bienert | Katzman has zealously represented the interests of the Retirees, negotiating with the City to ensure that the Committee has a represented voice in the process, seeking clarification with the Court to confirm that a claims bar deadline is not imposed prematurely on Retirees and substantively participating in the Court ordered mediation sessions, dialoguing with the City, California Public Employees’ Retirement System (“CalPERS”), labor unions and other parties in interest to ensure that the restructuring process is fair, transparent and protects the Retirees.

The stakes for the Retirees are significant as the City has taken the unprecedented step of deferring millions of dollars in CalPERS obligations after the City’s filing but before the Court ordered that the City’s bankruptcy filing could proceed. However, Bienert | Katzman is well suited for serving the Committee’s interests, with Steve Jay Katzman’s prior service as both United States Trustee for five Judicial Districts and work as coordinator of the Bankruptcy Fraud Task Force for the United States Attorney in the Central District of California.