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Navigating complex trade rules and the laws governing the import and export of goods can be difficult, even for a seasoned businessman or businesswoman.  Governments have increased the number of inspections, investigations, and prosecutions of alleged wrongdoing related to the transportation of goods into and out of the United States. 

Import-export crimes include accusations of smuggling goods into the country, the import-export of stolen or pirated goods, failure to declare, false declarations, misclassifying goods, false claims for duty reimbursements, and circumventing duties and customs. 

Violations of import-export laws are serious criminal matters that could lead to fines, incarceration, the revocation of professional licenses or certifications, and a tarnished reputation with the public and the federal and state agencies that govern the importing and exporting of goods. 

As experienced white collar criminal defense attorneys who have handled all types of white collar offenses, Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP has the knowledge and ability to assist their clients in any governmental investigations relating to import-export crimes and aggressively defend their clients against any charges associated with import-export crimes.