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Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP has considerable experience defending and prosecuting complex, high-stakes civil and criminal antitrust cases.  Our attorneys handle a wide variety of antitrust matters, for plaintiffs and defendants, including claims involving price-fixing conspiracies, franchisor/franchisee disputes, monopolization and attempted monopolization, unfair competition, intellectual property and antitrust disputes, joint ventures, refusals to deal, and other alleged antitrust violations. 

We have represented clients in critical Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice proceedings.  We represent corporations and individuals under state and federal criminal investigation involving antitrust allegations.  If clients receive civil investigative demands, subpoenas, or information requests, we work with them to craft a proper response and negotiate with government representatives on their behalf.  Our understanding of the law and extensive trial experience helps us assess our clients’ litigation risks and craft the right legal strategy to meet our clients’ needs.